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The current circumstance of fast moving world, which life tends to be imbalance and inharmonious with the nature, KEEV imposes every individual to contemplate and give heed to the self by taking action to start taking gentle care of the self, that eventually everyone may both emotionally and physically feel good.

KEEV values quality over quantity, thus we curate our products through extensive research and data analysis, to make sure everyone gets the rigorous care of their skin. Having the reliable and trustworthy manufacturer is also one of the key element that significantly affect the repercussion of our products.


Providing the holistic and comprehensive beauty and wellness products to fulfill and satisfy the consumers’ needs.


Catering and delivering the best products and services, maintaining high values and quality of each and every of our products.

KEEV Care's mission is to help you care for your skin by offering the safest, most effective products on the market. We ensure every product undergoes rigorous dermatological testing before it is released to ensure its safety for the users.

Keev Care is a professionally tested product that gives the best in class results. These products uses the high quality ingredients to keep the healthy and beauty of your skin.

Keev Care products are of the highest quality, tested and proven among consumers. Our goal is to provide you with the best products and service possible at great value.

The meticulous and reliable research and development, as well as the advanced technology in South Korea have been acknowledgedby worldwide skincare

Keev Care was created to provide a solution for individuals health and wellness. We're currently distributing our product in Indonesia, however we would like to expand globally in near future.

Keev Care products are a complete line of products dedicated to providing health and wellness. Keev Care is committed to promoting innovative, high quality products that bring comfort and relief to their users.

We envision our products to be noticed by the world. Starting from zero, we desire to become a big brand that can compete with other well known companies. We will do this by providing exceptional service, and quality products at affordable prices